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Can a girl read this and give her opinion?


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My girlfriend broke up with me yesterday, she said the reason was that she would never see me because of work and college, she said that her feelings havent changed and she still likes me its just unfair on me.


Girls do you think that is a real reason for her to break up or do you think that she just lost her feelins towards me and for the pass couple of weeks before the break up i was having doubts if she liked me, from not texting me back, and small things like that.


PLease help just so i can put my mind to rest

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The not texting thing...well...her interest was dissipating. I don't know how long you dated, or if she still loves you, but she's trying to make a clean break. When someone does that...you sort of have to let them do it, because there's no way they're sticking around. It sounds like this will be her first time going to college, yes? If so, there's a whole new world out there, and she wants to go at it alone, without any 'baggage'. So did I when I first started college. Heck, I didn't even want to tell my parents which dorm room was mine.

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I read your previous posts, and there's really no way of knowing exactly why she wanted to break up. It sounds like you were together around 2 months, and she was really into you at first but began to act more distant from you? Most relationships are all lovey-dovey at the beginning, infatuation stage, and that wears off of every relationship eventually.


You said that you are always scared they will leave you & you feel better when you have the control. Did you try to control her from the start, as a way to keep her from leaving you? Trust me, people do NOT like that & that's definitely not the way to have a healthy relationship. Maybe she checked out of the relationship because you were holding onto her too tightly? I don't know. I think as you get older & more experienced in relationships, you will have a better understanding of what is appropriate & healthy in a relationship. But for now, try to keep in mind that checking up on someone, grilling them over where they have been, who they were with & why they weren't answering their phone are all NOT okay in a relationship. I don't know if you were doing that, I'm just guessing what perhaps you MAY have done since you mentioned the control thing.


Try to not worry so much about the relationship ending. You're only 17; most of your relationships WILL end so stop worrying about it and enjoy it while it lasts! It's not like you want to get married, buy a house & start popping out kids right now anyway right? When you worry about a relationship ending, it can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. If I cried to my bf everyday about what would happen if we broke up & how much I need him to reassure me every day that it won't happen, how attractive do you think I will look to him? That behavior is ANNOYING & it makes people WANT to break up with you! So try to relax & enjoy what you've got while you got it!


As for this girl, just tell yourself "her loss", move on & find a new girl!

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Hey , I am a girl and I think i understand.

Maybe your girlfriend is really finding it hard to juggle the relationship and college. Maybe she thinks that if she breaks free from the relationship she will be able to focus fully on college, if she really loves you - this won't happen. She will end up thinking about the break up too much.

I suggest sending her an email, telling her how you feel , telling her you will support her while she studies and you will be there for her when she needs you. Explain you don't want the relationship to end. See what happens ! If it's worth it, take the risk Good Luck!

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