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i am a very sensitive and emotional person, but the logical part of my brain keeps trying to take over and make sense of everything that's happened. i even think i HAVE made sense of it, justified why it ended, realized it wouldn't have worked.. but i'm still in love with her. no matter what people tell me, what i know to be true, my heart isn't being swayed. it ended before it ever even really began.. but i was so in love with her. beyond all reasoning.. and it could have been so amazing for us both. it WAS amazing in the beginning, but the timing wasn't right, she got scared and couldn't handle it.. so now we're not even talking.


i just want this feeling to go away. i'm tired of missing her, tired of fantasizing about her, tired of waiting for her to call me and tell me she's sorry for how it ended.


how do i move on? or if i can't yet, how do i deal with these feelings? how do i explain to my heart that it's over?

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You can't explain anything to your heart.

It feels what it feels and nothing changes it.

You just have to ride it out.


Only thing you can do is think over the reason why she dumped you and if it was for a legitimate reason where you two would not work out because of incompatibility for some reason, because she didn't want to settle down, influenced by society, or because she just had enough of you and wanted to find someone else to be infatuated with.

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the logical part of your brain has accepted the reasons it ended, and why it wouldn't work loong term- its now getting over the emotional part.

I have been going to therapy because of basically the same thing- It is very hard to get over someone when you in essence gave them your heart.

No one can really tell you how to get over it, as everyone is different.

I personally like to relax.. take life easy- I have a 9 year old son who occupies my time, so I spend a lot of time with him, and with family..

I like to go get manicures and pedicures and have lunch with a friend.


Some people like to go out to clubs, have drinks, be surrounded by people...

Time really does heal.

When I get a chance tonight I will type of some of what my therapist gave me in a pamphlet to help you take control of your thoughts, this really helps when moving on.

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Jeez ... that's tough, All I know a day by day at a first. Fill your life with music, friends, and activities. Good luck


yeah, you're right. i think part of the reason i've been so down is 'cause i've been a little isolated. haven't been listening to music as much as i normally would & i don't go out much. guess i should work on changing that.

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thank you, i appreciate that. like i said in my reply to the other person who commented, i think i've just been having crappy days cause i'm a bit isolated. when i do actually go out with friends and all that, i'm much better. just doesn't happen as often as i'd like it to. so i'm left to myself and i dwell on this girl and how much it sucks/doesn't make sense that it didn't work out. i actually saw someone who kinda looked like her in a club tonight and it made me sad lol. i'm just tired of missing her.

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