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future problems?


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I've been with my bf for 6 months and have been very happy. He is 10 years older. We've had problems, with having a lot of comments that have been made, but have stuck by each other. I do wish at times that he was closer to my age. My mother says she is ok with it, though brings up the future a lot. What it might be like when we're old. When he will be 60 and I'll be 50, etc. I still at times wonder if I am making the right decision. Will it be very hard in the future? Anyone with experience in this area?

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I married my late husband when I was 32 and he was 45, 13 years difference. We were married for 25 years until he passed away. There were a few problems........he had two daughters that were only about 7 years younger than me and they resented me especially one of them, but we lived a few states away from them so it was a daily problem.


Also, by the time he was about 60 it seemed suddenly he was ALOT older especially in the ways he thought about things, got more set in his ways, become way less liberal than I was and we grew apart to a large degree. As his health went downhill it became an even larger problem. For the most part tho we had a pretty good relationship.


Not sure if this will help you..........I do agree tho that at your age it might be more of a hindrance like the other poster said because you are still going to change alot. At 32 I already had an abusive marriage behind me and also 3 children so I had experienced alot of "life" at the time I married him.


Good luck and I wish you the best in your choices.

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Problems can show up later down the line in any relationship. That's no way to live and make choices. If you are compatible now and there are no issues now, then by all means keep seeing him. Weigh the heavier decisions (what complications might arise in 30 years?) before marrying the guy, but you've only been seeing each other for 6 months. I see no reason to stop seeing him, as long as it's a happy, healthy relationship


Plus, I don't think 10 years is much of an age gap. People will comment on the age difference less and less as you get older. Keep sticking by each other, cause I know negativity from others can be a real downer. Good luck!

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