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How to find earnings per share for a year prior to last reporting period? I'm trying to do homework and I'm really not sure where to find this information. I've e-mailed the professor but it's not like I'll get a response tonight. So I thought I'd ask on here because there's so many intelligent people. I'm looking up Hawaiian Holdings, Inc. NasdaqGM: HA, and Hyatt Hotels: NYSE: H. BTW what is an earnings announcement and how do I find information about earnings per share a week before and a day after one? I'm really stuck and appreciate the guidance.

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EDGAR is the online database for any publicly traded US companies. Annuals come in 10-Ks, interim reports (Q1-Q3) come in 10-Qs. You asked for a year prior to last reporting season. I've looked up Hawaiian Holdings it appears to be a December year end. I assume you are looking for quarter 3 2008 eps? All you really need is Q3 report for 2009. Companies are required to show comparison year over year in the quarter they report.


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This should you lead you to Hawaiian Holdings Inc (the air transportation company?). EDGAR has a search engine. I recommend you take a look into the website link removed


An earnings release is basically a press release that a company issues when it comes time for them to report their financial results to the public. I'm not sure why you are asking for EPS a week before and a day after. Once its reported, that is the reported number. Do you mean you are looking for consensus eps? That would be Wall Street's consensus numbers as to what they predict the earnings to be (week before) but once reported, even a day later the eps remains the same - it is what it is.


I work in the financial industry specifically dealing with financial reporting information. I mostly deal with Canadian markets but I know a little bit about the US.

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