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This feels like a lifetime movie


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Hey everyone, thanks for reading. Gonna try to keep this short. Basically, we have been together for almost a year now. We are happy and in love. I met him at work ( he was my manager) but he got another job so we can be together. We wanted to live together, so he had his roommate move out so I can move in. So now we are living together and happy.




about two months before we met, he seperated from his wife. They are still married. neither have made any progress on starting to file. He never answers the phone when she calls, if Im around and he leaves his status on his social networking sites as married. She knows about me since they have chikdren whom I have spent time with.


I just dont get it. He has told me a few times that he will start the process. but doesnt.


I think I am going to tell him that he has 3 months to start, or Im gone. I just have to let him know I am serious. I HATE being in love and living with a married man.


Does anyone have some input for me, please?

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Liese, sounds like a sound plan to me. I did that same thing, showing that I am still married even during the separation and after the divorce. I didnt want any one to know about my divorce, (other than family). I felt embarrassed and ashamed, that I was that guy who couldnt keep it together.

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my brother is in the same situation, and the reason why it took so long to file the divorce and get that whole thing going is because his wife at the time, being his wife, would be entitled to basically half of everything. but the thing with that is none of it was from her own money, he even put her through school and everything and adding to the fact that he didn't want to have a custody battle over their son and lose. but eventually, when he saw that she wouldn't be doing any of that, they filed and it's only this year that the divorce was finalized and they separated for about four years and him and his current girlfriend that lives with him have been together for about the same amount of time.

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You may be "happy and in love", but he's legally married. The longer you stay, the more you're likely to get hurt by this...IMO. Even if he does file for divorce, it's never a good idea to get involved with someone, until they've been on their own for a good amount of time in order to heal, and get a handle on being single again.

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Sounds like a fine upstanding guy (not!).

1. Within two months of separating from his wife he lays on the charm to get another woman in his bed...someone who worked for him.

2. Immediately boots out his roommates so he can move in his new girlfriend even though he is still legally married.

3. Keeps his status on social networking sites as Married...well yes..because he is legally married...but that basically leaves you as if you are the "dirty little secret".

4. Doesn't seem to be doing anything to file for divorce.


I think that you rushed into this, particularly the living together part. Perhaps you should move out and tell him that you are no longer comfortable being in this kind of setup where he is still married, still has his status showing as married and is making no efforts to get divorced.

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