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i was doin ok until i found some old pictures

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So we broke up on march 1st. It was 3 weeks of nc for me. Last week she contacted me cuz she wanted her things back. Since then I can honestly say I'm ok. But it wasn't until a few minutes ago I came accross some old pictures and two xmas and bday cards where I just broke down and being a 27 year old man I actually had some tears. I read the cards and stared at the pictures. It was a big mistake but its ok I guess. It jus means I'm not completely over her and I need more time. So I took the pics and cards and stashed them away for now. Anyone else ever come accross old pics and cards?

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Actually, it sounds like you are doing great! When my ex ex broke up with me, it was around the same time Facebook was coming out. It sucked. Long story short, seeing a picture of him would put me in tears for hours. Stash them away, don't think about them. You are doing great =)

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6 weeks later it still hits me in waves and I was the dumper. I was watching Big Bang Theory and when one of the characters said I loved you her on the show of course that brought me back to when we first told each other I love you. I cried for about 45 minutes after that.


I forced myself to read all the cards he ever got me for birthday, val. day and anniversary and sure it made me cry a little bit, but I felt I needed to do that, to help me heal, now I don't feel those cards have anything over on me.


it is weird, one minute I'm fine, busy, going about my life, worried about day-to-day things, and then it will hit me, some of my joy, optimisism about the future, fear of never finding anyone else hits me, and then I'm ok again.


also the guilt and worry for him hits me a lot, I pray for him everyday that he is OK and I pray he finds someone he loves more than he loved me.

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