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I'm perpetually career confused. Anyway, over the last few years I've become in LOVE with looking at houses. I go to open houses on sundays, look at houses online for work, try to suggest properties to my friends to buy, constantly discussing the housing market with ppl i know, etc etc....it's kind of a weird thing. but i really love it!


anyway,the reason why i am writing is because i'm wondering what you all think would be a good career match for me that would somehow involve this passion?


...Except for being a real estate agent...which I don't want to be at this point in my life...I don't know very many ppl, not a great sales person, pretty young, don't own a home myself, etc etc...soo, I'm looking for suggestions OTHER than that.


Thanks for your input =)

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My mother is a Realtor, and I was quite amazed at the number of different jobs in the real estate field OTHER than agent. For instance:

Mortgage banking

Construction and development

Title insurance


Property management

Brokerage and leasing

Real estate development

Real estate advisor


I would recommend doing some research on any of the above options that may interest you and see what fits the best. Good luck and I hope you find your perfect career!

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One of my friends decided to go into real estate.

Well, she is smart, but there is so much to learn and so little time to learn it in that she abandoned the idea. You have to know all the real estate laws of both your state and your county. It doesn't hurt to have a calculator in your head because you do a lot of math as well. My son is a business major with an interest in real estate marketing and he told me it is uber difficult. He is taking a semester off because his brain got overloaded. He's doing good at it, though.

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Interior decorator?


BTW, real estate companies always need people to help update and maintain their databases - e.g. go to houses/apartments and take photos for the web listings; write up descriptions, input data on size, bedrooms, statistics, etc. You don't have to actually "show" the apt to clients or be the actual agent.


They will value a worker who can write good listings. A listing which describes a house honestly and passionately (which you have) is much more valuable to the company than a listing where the writer clearly doesn't know anything about the house or the neighborhood and is just using cliche catchphrases.

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