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6 months post break up//3.5 months NC

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I thought I was doing OK, but suddenly in the last 2 weeks or so, I feel i have somehow moved back many steps on the healing process. I dont know why, I haven't contacted her since Jan 1st, and she has never contacted me either, I deleted her on Facebook, and we dont have any mutual friends. I WAS feeling better, but now not so much.....


The last thing she really told me was how she was going to start seeing someone, and she didn't know what was going to happen between them. At the time she told me I was gutted, but i felt it was my closure, so I simply wished her well and I have not contacted her since, I can only assume they are now a couple.


What really pissed me off was the fact she told me she just wanted to be single for a while, but there she was 3 months later in a new relationship! Now i cant stop thinking she maybe left me for him, and i think thats what has set me back.


6 years together and she breaks up with me stating " I love you but i'm not in love with you" lol what a load of crap....... She's 28, and after 6 years together, which was mainly all great, she gives me the lamest of all the excuses to dump me.


oh well, i'll just have to get over it. aaaaarrrrrggggggghhhhhh again!

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Kudos to you for being in NC as long as you have been. Give yourself a little more credit for making that achievement. Its OK to feel down...its bound to happen. I think it is a little easier now to distract yourself and keep your mind off of her. Now wouldn't be a bad time to implement 'Stop Thought Therapy'

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it will pass.


i had the same thing. i healed very well, each week being better than the next. i was doing pretty darn good about 4 months in and then all of a sudden... BAM! i felt heartbreak again. it lasted for about a week and passed. still doing better than ever and you will too.

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It will pass i am sure. it's really weird knowing absolutely nothing about her life any more.


I wont lie, i do still have hope of getting back together one day, not any time soon, i know that wouldn't work, not enough time has passed and nothing has really changed. But maybe a year down the line, who knows?


I'm off to Australia in June for a year, to work and travel. So I just have to focus on that. I cant wait to get out of the UK.



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