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Acting advice.....getting through insecurity

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SO i am rehearsing for a play, and find it really hard to act in front of the director and my costars.....I feel uncomfortable really getting into a character or really trying to act well in front of them.....it just feels weird. And i am all in my head about how bad i think i am doing and i am just not finding the moment. I really am struggling.

Also when i do show some real emotion i get a positive reaction but its like i dont want it, like i am uncomfortable with being appladed. Anyone ever feel this way...like when your in a situation where u are uncomfortable doing good things or being good ........and getting positive feedback....its like i dont want them to like or something.....


Anyway my insecurities and head are really blocking me with this......How can i overcome these things?

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I was in the drama club in high school and I must say it was great experience to help me overcome shyness. Still struggle with it a little bit today but not as much since I've been in the drama club. I remember how it was to get on stage and see hundreds of eyes staring at you and you have butterflies in your stomach because of the fear of having a slip up and having the hundred people criticize you and laugh.


Usually when I was on stage.. I would drink water and take deep breaths and just clear my mind by meditating before I would go on stage. When you get on stage, try to refrain from looking at the audience because that will surely make you nervous. Focus on whats going on on stage, imagine you being that character and imagine as if there was no audience at all. This may seem silly but it actually worked for me pretty well.

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