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So it's been just over two months since my ex broke up with me from a 1 year relationship, my first (shes 19, im 22). It wasn't a bad break up, she told me she didn't feel the same way she use to (that's all I know), I just told her how awesome she was and that I respect her decision and that I don't think we could be friends for a long time or that we should talk for awhile. I have been NC since the day after. I had initially done it to try to get her back, but I mean after about 3 weeks I didn't expect much.


Things have gotten MUCH better, I was a mess for about a month haha, but now I can get on with my life, I have a lot of fun with my friends and stuff, go to the gym and am studying hard etc. Sometimes I actually feel awesome, like being single won't be be to bad, I have a lots going for me and lots of friends. However she is on my mind almost all the time still! There is still a lot me that thinks that she is awesome (which she is, but I often have to convince myself that there are others which I know) and I would love to get back together with her. In the back of mind I feel like maybe if I just waited longer we could fix things because IF it ever happened I want to make sure we are both in the same place and I will not beg, nor do I want her out of guilt on her part.


So there are all those feelings I have but I also wish they would go away. Around her friends and mine I don't talk about it, and act completely normal even though sometimes I feel * * * * ty. It's been two months shouldn't it be better then this already? I do struggle with checking her facebook much to often, but is there anything else I can do? Do you think I am handling things ok so far? I am find it hard that these feelings of wanting to get back with her linger so much.

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I'm in a very similar place as you. its been just over 2 months since my break up, he was my first and i'm 21 and he's 19. we've been NC since the breakup and at first i thought it would bring him back but after 3 weeks and then the 30 day mark i knew he wasn't, but i guess i even knew that in the beginning. our break wasn't that messy either and I feel just as you do, good some days and horrible others. So i'm guessing it's normal This whole week though has juts been really hard and like you i'm just getting really frustrated.


i stopped looking at my ex's facebook (minus on his birthday yesterday where i wished him happy bday because he did for me and i knew he wouldn't respond with a thanks or anything bc he didn't for anyone else so it didn't really set me back) and it really helped me a lot so if you can do that i think it really helps. i was checking it way too much and it took me a lot of tries because i could only go for like 3 days initially without looking but before his birthday it was a week and a half so that was good.


but i think you are handling it really well, especially because it sounds like you are doing everything i am doing and i feel like i am handling it well haha. but i still want my boyfriend back most of the time and i think about him all the time. it just sucks i guess but maybe someone else will have more advice for both us haha

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