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i needed to vent


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i've posted about my friendship with my ex-roommate before. things were good in the beginning but eventually our friendship fell apart when we started to grow apart. we were never able to communicate the same way and eventually our friendship became very hostile. almost a year ago i decided i wanted to move out and find a replacement on our 18 month lease. i talked to her about this and offered to do all the leg work and only bring good candidates to meet her. she said no, i could pay for the apartment or she'd take me to court. fine, i did that for the past year i've paid because i signed the lease. i did move out and paid rent somewhere else because i couldn't stand living there anymore.


we're getting ready to move out now and we're dealing with all the little things. i helped clean the shared areas (even though i haven't been there in a year) and helped sell things that we shared. which was fine until we started having timing issues with people picking up our washer and dryer. i needed her to help out with meeting people to get the dryer. at this point she told me it was the least i could do since i haven't lived there in over a year. what??? i told you i didn't want to live there and offered to find a replacement? and on top of it i paid my share of the rent and half of the electric and water for the entire duration of the lease.


ok, had to vent, thanks for reading!

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