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feeling sad about ending a friendship

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Tonight I told a man who I've only known for five months that I don't want to be friends with him anymore because I feel that he was dishonest with me. I am too emotionally and physically exhausted to share the whole story now but I just needed to post this thread to say that I'm feeling so sad right now and don't know how I will get through the days and weeks to come. I really liked him and thought he truly cared for me... yet he was dishonest... and I don't think that I could ever trust him again. Life keeps giving me tests and lessons... and I'm so tired of them... just once I want things to be simpler...

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Without knowing the whole story:


Sounds like you were strong in setting a boundary. A loss is a loss and you have the right to feel sad, but you should also feel good for not tolerating dishonesty.


To tolerate his dishonesty would have sent him the wrong message... that it's ok if he doesn't respect me... and it's not ok... I want respect from a man... it's the most important thing to me... this doing the right thing isn't easy, is it?

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