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How to resist food temptation?

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Plain roasted almonds have been a life saver! I munch on these all day at work and drink them with milk or some kind of juice. Very filling! And almonds are good for you.


I agree, almonds are an excellent choice for snack. They're very filling and very healthy at the same time. They're also great for your skin I remember when I used to snack on them I'd get full really quick and eat a lot less. I gotta start eating them again

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Hahah not true for me. I'd rather carry a few extra pounds than deprive myself of my favorite foods. Life's too short to not eat what you want!


Unfortunately, often life is made short because we eat what we want. Diabetes, heart disease, etc, can shave years if not decades off your life.

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I was hideously harsh on myself.


I cleared my fridge of all junk, then bought a tub of my favourite ice-cream and put it in the freezer.

I took a picture of myself in underwear, glued it to the ice-cream tub, and everytime I thought "Yum, icecream, it's right there!" and opened the freezer, my half naked shame would be staring back at me.


10 times out of 10 I closed the door and walked away.


Now my fiance can have his junk in the fridge and I don't touch it because I've developed an emotional aversion to it.

When soft and tender 'healthy food relationship' approaches don't work on my iron will and bulldog stubborness, I go gung-ho "You're fat! Stop eating junk food! Bad!"


This is hilarious and I am considering doing it.

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