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Would it be pathetic if I told her what I thought?

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Basically, my ex (who left me just under 2 months ago) is now with someone 16 year older than herself. Some of our mutual friends asked her a month ago whether she was with this older person and she said she wasn't, however she lied about that and I think she probably got with them just a few weeks after dumping me. Do you think this is a rebound? She claimed to have loved me, wanted back with me then suddenly changed her mind, and I think the reason she changed her mind was for the person she's now with.


I'm not sure what to feel, I feel like I was the last to know about this and I feel like a fool, I wrote her songs and spent a lot of money on her and yet she moves on so quick, I feel used and her being with someone so much older is a bit of a confidence hitter.


I also know this this person she is with now is very selfish and I know that when I was with her the person she is now with was trying to make a move on her, because (I am gay by the way, as is my ex so the person she is now with is female) this woman flirts with loads of young girls and I think when my ex left me this woman took advantage of her emotional state, and they got close.


I wanted to write my ex an email, because last week I sent her a letter wishing her a good life and saying I still care for her, but probably when she got it she was with this woman (they have actually moved in together already!) and I feel like an idiot for sending it, so I wanted to write to her and tell her what I really think of her. I know this is a bad idea though, it's just that I need to get this off my chest because I feel so dumb and meaningless that she moved on so quick.


I think I need talked out of doing this

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