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First Date Last Night


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So I went on my first date with this girl last night. We went to a restaurant first and then we went to a pool hall. Conversation was pretty good overall but she seemed kind of shy and I didnt get a good idea of how she felt about the night because everytime I asked her a question she would turn it around on me. For example I asked her if she would go out again and she goes "would you?" without answering my question directly. We are texting eachother quite a bit so its obvious she isnt ignoring me and I figured she might just be really shy which is why she couldnt answer the questions. Thing was after dinner she was the one who recommended we play pool so I hope its a good sign.


I have not been on a date with anyone for a long time so I just dont know what to do next. Should I ask her out again? It was last night so how long should I wait before I ask her again?

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If you are in communication already since the first date, then there is no reason why you can't ask her already is she would like to catch up again soon. You should have figured out some stuff that she'd like to do, so perhaps suggest catching up and doing something along those lines.

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it's not a question of "how do i know"


it's about not seeming like a little wimp.


do you ask to kiss them too?


women like confidence.


Man * * * * that, your not in control of her. Asking her out shows respect for her person. Your not her personal dictator. Theres being confident and theres being cocky


just make it something light "hey want to get together tomorow night for dinner?" or some * * * * like that

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Ok guys so I just got off the phone with her. We talked for over an hour and it was flowing. Near the end I asked her if she had a good time when we went out and she said she wouldnt be talking to me if she didnt lol... I guess that made it pretty obvious so we are supposed to see eachother again this weekend. She is very sweet, sexy and intelligent and I cant wait to see her again... So far so good.

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