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this is mostly trifling, but i'm bored at work, you're probably bored, so who really cares.


went on date 1 with girl last week. went well. we texted back and forth since, she clearly liked me. made plans for last night (monday). she then said she didn't think we should go out because i'm leaving to go to law school in 5 months. i said that's her choice, but i thought we'd take things slow and see where it went. she quickly changed her tune, saying we should go out later in the week.


a few hours later she texted me asking if i wanted to go out on weds/thurs or fri. i said im busy, but saturday is good, she said ok. then she asked if i could today (tues), i said no.


this morning she starts saying she doesn't exactly see my inability to see her during the week as a good omen, that she doesn't like wasting her time, etc. i again mollify her, we agree to saturday.


to show her i do have time, i ask her to a concert on monday, but she says that's planning too far in advance (with a smiley).


anyone's thoughts? i'm bored at work.

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eh, hers is a legit concern. i'm moving to atlanta for law school, she'll be in NY. then she'll move too.


basically, this appears to be a 5 month thing no matter what, unless it's the greatest thing since sliced bread and we fall deeply, madly in love.

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I think that when she said she doesn't think you should go out because of the law school thing she was on the defensive because maybe she got the feeling you weren't interested and she wanted it to seem like it was her decision to end things. But then you said you wanted to see how it goes and she was like oh! ok!


Basically I think she likes you. See how Saturday goes.

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yea, something along those lines.


i mean, i know she likes me.


since agreeing to the date on saturday she hasn't texted me first, she usually would give me a shout with some trivial thing she was doing, "i can't believe i have to get up at X in the morning" or "it's so nice out!"


since then, nothing, though she has been very interactive when i text her (though i've made it a point to not text her often)


probably nothing, whatever, 2nd date will tell all.

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fyi i'm mostly using this post as a way to keep my neuroticism in control. not read into every little thing too much, etc. which has always plagued me.


as a note, she texted me this morning and we talked and she's taking care of the plans on saturday... i hope that means she's paying. not too big a fan of dinner on the 2nd date, less so of accompanying her after the dinner to a birthday party. i like doing active things on the 2nd date to avoid any awkward lulls in conversation. whatever... we're only a few days away from finding out...

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