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Am I shy?


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Im a 22 year old male, little background to my question, I can carry a conversation on with any random guy and any girl I know. I dont know why but i find it very easy to talk to a girl only after I have hung around her for a few times or an extended period of time. I can make a girl my best friend in a week but only if i meet her through somebody and I am around her constantly. I can also do the same with any guys, I can strike up a conversation about nothing with a guy and talk for hours.


When it comes to talking to random girls I can talk for about 2 minutes and then it just goes into awkward silence and I dont know what to say. I am a very outgoing person as are all of my friends. Since They know I can talk to anyone but random girls I constantly get teased for being scared of "girls".


Also, i dont just mean random girls in a bar, for instance my friend introduced me to three girls the other night and I didnt know what to say. any suggestions about how I can get past this or what my problem might be? I do get nervous around pretty girls, is this because im shy or is this just a personality trait?


any advice would be great, thanks guys.

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Its not a bad idea to drop in a line about how you are a shy person but are very outgoing when you get a little used to someone. I think all women like shyness in men, but some overdo it. You can only pull the shy act for so long before she starts getting bored.

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