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Should I change my number or not take calls/texts

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Hey everyone. Short summary. I told my long time friend sometimes lover that she could go on a trip out to the tropics in Central America with me but that she would have to meet my family for lunch first on April 24. Well I found out some info(more like confirmed) and now I no longer want to talk to her.


My question is what would get a bigger reaction out of someone, changing your number or not taking their calls & texts? We share some of the the same friends and she would eventually find out that they can get ahold of me but they wouldn't give her my number even if she asked. It sounds immature but I'm trying to go out with a bang. We haven't spoken in 3 days but as far As she's concerned the lunch and eventually the trip are still planned.


Anyways thanks in advance for answering this lighter in seriousness thread compared to others on this forum. It's just my friends are all asleep but figured someone outside of Dallas must be awake. btw I used to post on here a few yrs back but forgot my password so I had to create a new profile.

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Oh I'm still going on the trip but without her. Anyways I specifically stated that this thread was lighter (not as serious) as some other threads on here. I want an opinion on what would strike a nerve more out of the two. Surely some people have felt like this before. Hey this course of action might seem offensive but in my particular case it is very appropriate. Not everyone here is trying to get back with their ex. they're exes for a reason.


Anyways it was just a simple question like you would ask your best guy or girl friend during casual convo. No big dramatic plan

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Thanks onthewire. And dragunov, I lost my phone last week so my numbers were lost. I got a new phone now kept the same number so it wouldn't be such a PITA switching now. What does suck though is that now I gotta be stealthy on facebook cuz we share some friends. I've temp disabled my account. But facebook is getting old to me. I think I'll delete it for good and start posting here like I used to instead. This site actually serves a different & Better purpose. It's like I never left. Thanks guys.

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You're making all this effort just to get a reaction out of someone? Don't you have better things to do? Whatever she did, just move on and forget about her. People that need to get back at someone who wronged them are usually seen as weak and insecure.


No effort at all. Took me about 5 minutes with a nice AT&T rep. I do have better things to do. Like I said it only took about 5 minutes. I'd say blowing her off is a great way to "forget" her. geting back at someone who wronged you is just human nature. Your statement regarding weakness & insecurity is too broad but criticize all you want since you're referring to yourself when you say "are usually seen". I feel good though not insecure more like content. have a good one.

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