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Talking to My Ex's Best Friend On Facebook, Should I Ask Him Not To Tell My Ex?

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Started talking to my ex's best friend on facebook and am wondering if I should ask him not to tell my ex about it or just leave it alone.


His best friend and I have known each other since grade school and are on good terms but I don't think he knows that my ex and I maintained a relationship up until a few years ago and while his current gf was pregnant (I didn't know she existed). She is also on the best friend's friends list. She still doesn't know he was with me while she was 8 months pregnant.


So, should I ask the friend not to mention our "friending" to him or leave it alone?


Btw, I am not longer in contact with the ex and haven't been fpr two years now.

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So your ex was with you while his girlfriend (then and now) was pregnant and your ex's best-friend doesn't know this or does?


Either way, I'd ask him not to mention it. If you have known him longer then your ex you should ask based on your friendship together. There are certain aspects of my life my ex's best-friend (who is on my facebook and who I consider a good friend) knows he is not alloweed to indulge to my ex. And being a good guy or friend, so far he has kept that promise.

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