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Ex lost feelings: Can reconciliation still work?

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I've been reading these reconciliation threads, but it all seems like both parties still had feelings for one another.

Has anyone reunited with an ex even after they claimed their feelings were lost?

My ex did message me after 2 months of NC, but I rather not have hope for something that it already done with.

I still daydream about winning him back though..and these reconciliation threads are tempting to follow. *sigh

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There are cases when it was said that the feelings are lost, then the person who said it came back and realized that they have not actually lost it at all.....


Yes there are.


Everything happens under the sun, really. The problem is telling whether it will happen in your case or not. It is possible, but I think it is the person who left that has to realize that they still have feelings......


Hard to say, really hard to say, because in some cases they really lost it, and in other they did not really lose it....

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I do not wish to give you false hope here but I think there are times when someone who has really come to their wits end and feels the need to end things can sometimes think or feel that their feelings have gone when they haven't.


Can I ask how the break up happened?


We met October 2008


July-August 2009: Started seeing a difference in him...kept asking if something is bothering him, but every time he would say "no"


September 2009: Told me he didn't feel the same anymore; School started

(Note: I tried to hold onto him for the whole semester. When I would try to stop contact, he would get upset at me..and I would cave)


End of December 2009: Told me he was starting to see someone new


Start of January 2010: He gave me the whole "I'm not giving you any signs I like you, you need to move on." ; The most devastating thing happened...I wanted him to give me a call one evening. He calls at 10pm but immediately hung up. I tried calling him back but he kept denying my calls. I eventually received a call from him at 12 at night, I asked where he was. His response? "I was at her house...". It kills me every time I think back to that night. I finally did something smart for once and finally stopped contacting him from the night forward.


Middle of Feb 2010: I msged him on IM just to see how he was..told him I was getting help. (I know, dumb move) ; I apologized for the past but he told me to let that go.


March : He changed his facebook picture to a teddy I gave him (I gave it to him when he was angry at me back in June/July) and received an email from him the next day after he changed his pic. I am completely confused at this point. We email back and forth for a bit, but I end the exchange by not responding to his last email


March: 5 days later after his last email, i guess he noticed i wasn't responding..I get a facebook msg from him random msg. i saw pine/some other type of wood (for pets) which i cant remember at walmart which was pretty cheap. ". I don't respond to the msg


April: A couple days later after I received his facebook msg, I decided to text him outta the blue:

Me: "Kelso!! (I'm the only one who calls him this)"

Him: "Hahaha. What's up?"

Me: "Just getting ready for bed. How are you?"

Him: "Not bad. Working the night shift. How was your day?

Me: "Don't they know you have narcolepsy(joke)? I saw alice in 3d! Has work been busy?"


I didn't receive a text for a while, and just sent him another "Goodnight, Kelso. Sweet dreams"


Him: "Haha. I wish they did. How was the movie. It's been steady"


April 7: Through hours of discussing it with my friends, I decided I was going to confront him and settle this once and for all. I was going to ask him about the suspicious facebook picture. I was getting ready for possible rejection again. I texted:

me: " Hey what's up?"

him: "Hey! I'm just studying...or attempting to.lol. What are you up to?"

me: "Just getting ready for bed. if you're not too busy, I was wondering if we can talk on the phone for a bit"


He ends up calling right away, I freak out..and don't call for another 15 minutes,I made an excuse I was getting ready for bed still.

The conversation was about an hour and a half. It was casual, and I chickened out and could not confront him.

What can I say about the conversation itself?

-He was courteous; He didn't sound annoyed or anything

-I did most of the talking, I think. He would still talk but it felt like I was the one keeping the convo going

-After a little while, he seemed like he wanted to go. He would say "What time is up? Wow, it's 12:00". I think he didn't know how to end the convo...

-We ended the convo, and he said "It was nice hearing from you" and I said the same. I hate hearing "It was nice hearing from you"- it sounds so final..and I remember he said that 3 months ago.It wasn't a "I'll talk to you again soon", which sounds more promising


Day after phone convo: I emailed him and told him to take down the pic. He did it immediately,but I never heard from him again. It's been a little more than a week..

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