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What do you think from your perspective I should do???


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Okay I don't know exactly what is wrong with me but for some reason I have a strong sense that my boyfriend is either cheating on me, thinking about cheating on me or is about to.


The reasons I say this is because for one: he erases the history on the computer and when i ask him he says he doesn't do that, although today he was on myspace and i saw him on it when i came home from school, I asked him why he didnt add me yet and he said that I didnt send him a request to add; but he can search for me and request me as a friend. So im like okay whatever so i hop in the shower and when i get done i hop on the computer and check the history, yet again his myspace trail is erased!


For two: its like I can never stop annoying, everything i do is * * * * ing annoying for example this morning he made me 2 toaster strudels for breakfast. I was lying in bed when he came in and gave me the food. i ate one but the inside was super hot so i wanted to wait til the other one cooled down so I went to the bathroom then i came out washed my hands and everything and i go inside the room and start eating the other strudel. (Do you find anything wrong with me doing that?). He looks at me and says thats dumb so you hop in the shower and then eat? I tell him yea because the pastry was still hot in the inside. Still he says thats dumb. Okay so what if i want to do that does it even matter kuz im still eating it right?


I dont feel like I can be myself around him and its more like he wants me to do and like everything he does. What do i do? I feel like everything is falling apart because of me.


Now I have a history of guys cheating on me and this * * * * is getting on my nerves. He always says he will never cheat but damn whats with all the erasing? Can anyone please give me a piece of mind? i know its kind of highschool but cheating and all that bull * * * * still happens outside of highschool does it not?.

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I'm not one of those people who believes in personal space in a relationship because I feel that when you're in love, you become one in a sense. Obviously it only becomes a problem when your partner doesn't agree with you so there's your problem right there - you two have different boundaries that one of you is either going to need to willingly offer to compromise OR I'm sorry hon, but it'll just create problems in the future.


In my relationship, we know everything about each other - we don't erase history, h*ll sometimes I tell him to go on the history to find the victoria's secret outfit that I thought he might like! We know each other's passwords, and so we don't have to feel like we're invading each other's privacy because in our relationship, we enjoy being this open.


That's something to think about... couples need to really bring their ideas of a relationship to the table and discuss each other's expectations - otherwise, things just don't work out smoothly.


On the subject of him being unfaithful, I would be very worried too if he had a habit of always erasing his history. Once again, I think you should discuss his history-erasing-concerns FIRST, and then tackle how it's made you nervous and uncomfortable.


PS If you feel like you cannot truly and fully be yourself with the person you're with, then what's the point? That's IMHO.

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Firstly, how old are you? You say you're still in school so that says to me no more than 18. Unless you mean Uni etc.


It is mighty suspicious that he constantly deletes history, especially after you clearly see him on it. It might not be that he's actively cheating physically, but he's probably got a few girls online that he chats to. Many insecure guys like to maintain online connections with girls on an intimate level even after they jump into a relationship. He probably knows you'd get annoyed, so he's just hiding them from you. At least, that's what I find to be likely as it seems typical for guys of a certain age.


This guy sounds pretty mean. But on a serious side, it just sounds like he's taking advantage of the relationship by getting you to do everything he does all the time. Does he have any friends that he sees? Or is it just you two?


In all honesty, if you feel like you're being treated like crap, and he's not willing to talk about it - he's a dead weight I'm afraid, and you should remove him from your life before he drives you insane like so many girls and boys before you! But like the others say, don't jump to conclusions. Has the relationship always been this cold?

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I think the strudel thing makes sense and I don't see why he has to be mean enough to make snarky remarks about it. If you don't feel like you can be yourself, then this relationship is not for you. If he deletes his history every time, he most likely has something to hide. It might be minor, like just talking to some girls (nothing sexual), but the fact that he doesn't want to show you means he has some issues with himself going on. Or he's just cheating...

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Innocent until proven guilty,


until you have proof that something fishy is going on, I wouldn't go about making those allegations. Thinking like that is only going to cause yourself to feel even more distant from your boyfriend. Why is it so important that your boyfriend have you added on Myspace? Are you thinking of using that as another source of determining whether or not he's cheating on you?

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Well quite honestly if it was my bf deleting history and not giving me his password I'd definitely think somethings up. Other people are saying don't jump to conclusions but what else are you supposed to do? He's deleting history for SOME reason and that obviously isn't any honest reason. I'm sorry if this sounds mean but u asked for opinions and this is mine. Plus he doesn't seem very nice to you so u should prolly quit while ur ahead. Hope u follow ur instincts, thats why we have em!

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