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convinced something is wrong with me :(

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well...here it goes...


january - super sick for 2 weeks, doctors did tests but everything came back negative, no mono, no crohns, lymph nodes and iron were fine.

march - sick again, glands not as huge and sore (i had to get t3s last time), but i got pink eye, bloody noses, headaches, etc etc. got tests, every thing came back negative.


i've had chronic diarrhea for about a month, including bloating and gas. i have a bit of an intolerance to gluten and dairy but i rarely eat it. so i dont think its that.


when im in the shower and run my hands thru my hair, a lot more is coming out than normal.


i also have chronic fatigue, i got dexadrine (adhd meds) from the doctor so i can get through exams (he just gave me 40 pills). sleeping 10-14 hrs a day is NOT helping and i'm constantly tired..hence why i got the dexadrine.


i'm thinking of asking for a referral to get a colonoscopy or something...any in put?


i'm going so mental with school, and feeling like * * * * on top of it, i'm feeling useless and just want to cry. ugghh.

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Of course it could be a number of things so it is wise not to jump to conclusions of course. I have ME/CFS (Chronic fatigue syndrome). Have you considered this? CFS is not simply chronic fatigue - it is a specific illness or syndrome. CFS is typically (although not always) post-viral in nature (i.e. is triggered by a virus - can simply be a cold as in my case). Stress is often high around the onset of CFS also. persistent fatigue is the primary symptom. Other symptoms vary from sufferer to sufferer. The symptoms can be very varied. Tests typically come back showing normal with CFS. Keep it in mind in case nothing else surfaces as some doctors have a poor understanding of CFS or confuse it with simple fatigue so it might not be something they will inform you about in a hurry. PM me if you want. Although I can't promise I will read it quickly as I don't always visit this site regularly.


Take good care of yourself and best wishes for you health recovery - what ever the issue is.

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I suspect you're suffering from hypochrondria, likely induced by depression. Trust me, when I'm depressed I turn into a similar kind of beast--I start stressing and seeing "symptoms" everywhere. I google symptoms, which causes me to freak out and assume I'm having even more symptoms. It's a vicious cycle.

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i probably do have chronic fatigue syndrome, the doctor thought so.

but my digestive system is super messed, a normal bowel movement happens very rarely, and that cant be good.

and shedding excessive hair from my scalp?

could be stress induced, i really wouldnt doubt it.

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I haven't really had obvious digestive issues with CFS. However, it is listed as a symptom of CFS for some people. I haven't heard of hair loss regarding CFS. However, I did a quick google and found a couple of things including this link...


link removed


There seem to be a few illnesses relating to hair loss. Perhaps hairloss might even be a symptom of being generally unwell??


The main symptoms of CFS seem to be persistent fatigue, brain fog (fuzzy muddled brain) and unrefressing sleep and exercise intolerance.


For me it started as a bad cold virus that went away but the related fatigue stayed. The fatigued worsenen over weeks and months. Sleep became less refreshing. Other symptoms came such as balance problems, light and noise sensitivity, brain fog and exercise intolerance (delayed fatigue after exercising). I later developed body pain (fibromyalgia).


I'm now about 90% symptom free.


While everyone with CFS has the main few symptoms, there are wide range of symptoms people have with it - several of which I've never experienced - like headaches, rashes...


As CFS is diagnosed by elimination, it's important you are tested for other things - which it sounds like you have been. But I'm not a dr so I can't tell.


If your dr thought you probably had cfs did they have any advice for you? Did they think you might need more tests or do they feel they've eliminated everything they need to check for?

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