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so what now...


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so i've i posted a few weeks ago about this girl i'm currently seeing. We've been hanging out for over two months now. As I mentioned on earlier post, she had a "talk" and told me how she didn't know what she wanted and how wasn't sure if she wanted something serious. I listened and have giving her space. I have not been pushy or anything. We have been intimate and hang out A LOT!! She seems to like and spend a lot of time with me.


Now, I really like this girl and have been playing it really cool. Its worked out well, and I really like to spend time with her. Now the thought still runs through my mind...what are her intentions? Not sure if I need to know or what....


She keeps making plans to hang out with me, and we've even spend the night with each other a few times. I just dont know what to think and trying really hard not to get my emotions into it....but its hard.


Is this relationship evolving naturally? What does she want?? I know maybe over analyzing like i always do....she's a really awesome girl and things are going good....but its hard to see what she's thinking.


Any thoughts, advice???

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Is she just out of a serious or LT relationship?


I ask b/c I have been in that situation before too and I feel like I just wanted time to be single and the timing was weird and I never got the chance. I don't think it's that she's not into you it's just she's not sure she's ready to settle in just yet. Do you want to be exclusive with her? Would it be okay if you both saw other people?


Maybe all the time she is spending with you is making her feel like it's moving to fast. Even if she seems to like it and seems okay with it she may just need a little space.

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I think that you have to take her at her word and her actions. She does not want a committed relationship at this point. She doesnt mind going through the motions with you but she doesnt want to actually be in a relationship. If you can accept this fact then continue if you cannot then you need to end the situation.

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