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So I confroted him now we're over.


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I couldn't handle it anymore, he disrespect me and hadnt talked to me in 3 days but still was coming in and out of my house. So I wrote him this


things will NEVER change the constant disrespect the arguments making me feel less when I've never done anything wrong to you. we've talked about this numerous times and nothin ever changes. its OBVIOUS you're NOT happy with me and I cant be happy because of that reason SO WHAT IS THE POINT? why be around eachother? why continue to hurt me? I have a family to think about and I cant keep on with the games.


and he just said OK.


I told him to get his stuff before I got home from work and he said OK.



Im hurt beyond belief.

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he's already started tweeting quotes from songs that talk about effin girls and stuff.. Im so hurt....how can it be this easy for him? we've lived together, not long ago after he DISRESPECT ME for the umph-million he claimed I was the only girl he wanted etc etc..and now this? I feel it was all an act..

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we've been together for 2 years and hes been in love with me for a long time, I have kids by someone whom I was with for 5yrs the whole time I was with him my now bf or ex whatever you call him never had a gf, he hasnt had a gf since highscool until I came along..I was his first serious gf, first girl he lived with...he was crazy over me..until like 6months into living together thats when things started going downhill but I thought we could make it..but he never changed, it if he got mad at me he would call me b*tches, say EFF YOU, has threatend to wake my kids up during arguments so I can leave him alone. it was like someone I didnt know.and everytime he PROMISED TO CHANGE AND SWORE HE WOULD..

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It sounds like you did yourself a favor and got out. From here on out, it will be tough but you were the strong one who was able to break things off before hurting yourself more. And your ex will just float on, being a complete idiotic mess and never changing and growing up. You did the right thing! Hang in there and get through it all. You've cut out a huge stressor in your life!

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