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Is this to much to take in?


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Everytime, I get frustrated I cant seem to fall asleep and have a hard time getting up in the morning. Not only that I am trying to strive to make it to class on time and not missing out on anything, on top of that trying to get my grades up so i be taken off probation for financial aid.


On top of that a good friend of mine is frustrating me even more with her constant lying and cant take anymore of her crap so this is the 2nd time I've had to cut communication with her. I cant deal with her right now.


Cant even face my ex's family. ( not that i have harsh feeling or anything, i'm just not ready to come face to face with them yet, yet alone my ex himself) ( if my ex was not a family friend it would had been easier not to hang around his other family members, not talking about his parents but his intermediate family ) So I'm going to try to cut him out of my life and pretend he does not exisit. So it be easier for me to move on and not hang on to any hope. I have moved on 95 % its that 5 % i'm trying to get rid of.


I try to keep on strong and not trying to show any weakness. Its like I'm striving to be okay when I'm not. Sometimes, I think my energy is to high. Which is scaring me. I dont tend to talk about my feelings or anything that is going on with my life.


sometimes I think if I was ever built on ever trusting anyone ever again. Is this to much to take in?

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I think you should sit down and analyze your life. Prioritize it. Find out what you HAVE to get done today, this week, this month, and so on. Then make a list of it, in order. Tackle today's list. Then tomorrow's. Then this week's. It will give you a sense of accomplishment and confidence.


I also would advise finding a counselor to go to. Just talking out your stuff can be empowering and calming.

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Yea, you know I tried the counceling thing, its not for me. And usually i'm a private person when it comes to my life in general. I know I want to go to school, ( which i'm already doing ) I know I want to move from were I live ( to which i'll be looking into over the summer and seeing were I can get accepted too ) I"ve already set myself up as to what my goals are and moving along with it. Its just I dont handel stress pretty well.

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Then you haven't found the right counselor. They are ALL very different. Many are completely action-oriented. That means that they will give you homework, and all you talk about is how the homework helped you alleviate your stress.


That said, my boss just found this link removed for her college age son, who's having anxiety attacks, and she signed both of them up, and she found a phone counselor for him who is wonderful, and she just raves about it. Maybe it would help.


As for the goals, those aren't very many goals. If you can break it down into specific steps, it helps you feel like you have control over your life, thus you can handle stress better, because you know THIS thing won't ruin your entire life, because you have 4 other steps to take, that will make up for THIS thing going wrong. Does that make sense? Try to get more specific.

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