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Your Mr. Right


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Christian, Tender and Affectionate, Strong, Intellectual, Honest, Handsome, Talented, Family-Oriented, Funny/Light-Hearted, Thoughtful and Creative, Accepting, Humble, Friendly, Positive yet Realistic, Adventurous and Open-Minded, Loyal, Playful but Serious, No drugs/smoking/alcohol, tats. Sexually adventurous but has self-control/can wait. Monogamous. Must be a gentleman and trustworthy. Clean/healthy. Dresses nicely--no sagging, rap stuff.

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Never married/no kids/no serious emotional baggage that prevents him from getting serious. In other words he's ready to get serious eventually.

Not obese


Animal/kid lover


Likes oral sex

Catholic but not overly religious

Not chauvinist

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