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Untagging FB photos

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I unfriended my ex on facebook because it was torture for me to "stalk" his profile and have to wonder who was x new female friend and who was y who posted on his wall etc ... If he had been nice to me after our break-up I probably would have just sucked it up, but since he was a jerk I had no qualms about potentially hurting his feelings by unfriending him - I just did what was best for me.


I wouldn't have untagged pictures - those are memories and I would want to keep them. To be honest I might find it a bit immature if an ex of mine went through and detagged every single picture of him with me - but honestly, in a break-up, you have to do what's best for you so that YOU can heal and move on.

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I personally unfriended her, all of "her" friends that I had friended, and untagged all pictures immediately. I knew I would not be prepared to see her statuses about how great of a time she was having, or see her post things to her friends about a new guy, or see pictures of her at all really.


She had literally broke up with me and was out the door for an hour and I did all this. I knew it was the best route for me personally to try to take time to myself and work on my problems. At the same time though, I think it may have been a bit detrimental because every time I actually do see a picture of her or her in real life, I get that anxious nervous bad-butterfly feeling in my stomach.


P.S. I should add that she didn't notice for quite some time that I had actually deleted her and she sent me a message saying "You deleted me, seriously?". After I explained why I had to, she understood and wasn't upset by it.

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I had a falling out with a friend a few months back. She ended up blocking me before I could do likewise but any photos I had of her or with her on my profile I detagged and deleted.


People will do this for different reasons. Mine was because the girl I had a falling out with was incredibly abusive verbally and emotionally and I didn't want any reminder of her. Even the photos of us together I associate no happy memories with so I didn't find it difficult to get rid of them. For some people though it may be the exact opposite and they get rid of the pictures because there's too many good memories and it's hard to look back at them.


I also defriended my ex after he moved out. We lived together for a year after we broke up but again, I wanted to start over and although we got along fine [ as far as exes go ] after the breakup, I felt that keeping in touch with him would just remind me of all the horrible things men can do so I figured it best to get rid of him. I've kept too many toxic people in my life and I'm starting to learn to let go of them permanently. I'm much happier for it.

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Facebook is torture after a break up. There is nothing wrong with deleting an ex or photos. I did it when I was on facebook and it helped. But now I have deleted my facebook account about a month ago now and can honestly say I don't miss it one bit. It is quite a silly thing if you really think about it.

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i deleted entire albums, and untagged a bunch. but still have her on facebook. i did this soon after the breakup cause i just wanted her out of my life. but now i kind of regret doing it. She was a huge part of my life, i dont want to just forget about her.


i can honestly say i regret doing it, so maybe wait a while until you cool down and can think straight before you go and do this. And she deleted entire albums soon after i did, so she probabaly saw this and did the same.

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I actually defriended my ex a week after he left me for someone else. When we met up I said I did I when I was sad and angry and asked if he'd be okay if I added him back. This was me being a sad puppy, though considering what he did I don't think I owed him an explanation. Well about two months after he left I deleted all our pics from my computer and phone. Before that I deleted and blocked him on facebook. About a month ago I finally untagged myself in pics of me and him. I didn't do it to be petty. He hurt me so bad that I needed all reminders of that pain gone. Not to say it made it go away completely but it helped not having those concrete reminders to see everyday.


To each their own.

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following my breakup, a month or so after I untagged myself from pics which I was with her.

Then again, these pictures were so obscure since our relationship was never broadcast on fb, so it barely made a difference other than giving me a peace of mind that I have minimised the number of pictures in which I am with her.


Regarding defriending on fb, I can not for now due to work related stuff and it would come accross as very immature right now. Though I avoid looking at her profile on fb for over a month, I have not removed her.


However, once exams have passed and I leave uni, I will give a month (to go proper NC with her) and then remove her as a friend on fb. She is a lovely person but at this stage in my life, I don't intend to have a platonic relationship with her. I am better off without her.


And what about the pics I have of her and her daughter and the times we shared together, save on my pc?


I will keep them hidden away on my external harddisk (havent looked at them since jan - brkp time) until I can happily delete them for good.


So, suggestion from me?

Do what you need to do to maintain or improve your emotional health.

Just keep in mind, that once you have deleted (pics) for good, you may experience some moments of regret.

And (not that I have ever done so) once you defriend, you may experience some emotions there too...


Be strong friend.


Do what you need to.



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Facebook is torture after a break up. There is nothing wrong with deleting an ex or photos. I did it when I was on facebook and it helped. But now I have deleted my facebook account about a month ago now and can honestly say I don't miss it one bit. It is quite a silly thing if you really think about it.


I am thinking this too, I have become too obsessed with it of late. My ex too. He is always on it.


I have deleted him off mine too, much to his dismay, because even though I was the one who broke it off, I don't want to read what he's up to or see any conversations he might have with woman. I would feel jealous and upset! I felt really sad when I deleted him as that is how we become such good friends before we got together, so its like a part of our history.

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Tattoobunnie -


Just do what is right for you. I haven't untagged or unfriended my ex but that's just me. If I needed to get him out of my mind or if looking at them was hurting me then yes I would just delete them or untag or whatever I needed to do so I could heal. If you untag yourself you can tag yourself again later. It's really not a big deal.

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In the long run it all isn't a big deal!


Deleted old pics and never got back together... Too bad.

Deleted old pics and got back together... Take new ones!


Like everyone's saying, do what works for you. So long as the reason isn't revenge or spiteful, who cares?

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