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Roller Coaster Relationships ever work out?


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we've broken up 3 times in 3years. longest breakup lasted for 8months. but we got back on track partially thanks to cpls counseling and we're now getting married next yr. things are better than ever. i def dont think this is the norm though, most cases dont have that happy ending.

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Well, for me we were young so we must have broken up like 5-7 times within our first 5 years, but it never lasted more than a week. Then we broke up for 3 months our 6th year and she started dating someone. We got back together, but it has never been the same since and as of 2 weeks ago I think it is offically over after 7 years.

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Yes, I suppose. Im pretty sure I have a good idea of who I am..her on the other hand not so much, but after all we have been through even though I don't want to I think we can only go our separate ways. I think her mentality is that its too much work to make it work, but she has a lot to learn about relationships...she seems to be going backwardss as far as learning- figure that one out.

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My ex and I had were on and off since 2005 = 5 years. He was always the one to call it quits! In 2008, we were broken up and eventually started talking again. We would meet up and that led to me getting pregnant. Ever since then, everything was good.. until now! Our baby is 9 months, and he broke it off again.


Going back to your question, I do believe roller coaster relationships CAN work. It just takes two... and you both have to want to make it work. Just believe and have faith, the mind is very powerful. If you believe that it'll work, then it will. Just give it time!

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IMHO nearly everyone who has an ENA account has had some sort of rollercoaster relationship and many have gotten back for 'good'.


I guess this is highly subjective to determine whether it works or not considering the complexities of relationships and what actually defines 'rollercoaster' in terms of relationships.


As other posters have said here, it does take significant effort from both parties to make 'it' work, otherwise it is like a bird beating with one wing till it crashes to death.


And in some cases it takes many crashes from the same bird before the phoenix rises for good.


Bar all the metaphor, if you want to make it work, if your ex wants to make it work, then it will work, regardless of all the bs, heartache and crap that has happened before.


No cookie cutter rules here, though the majority will understandably say otherwise.


TC seabreeze



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Yea, thats the problem. It has become way to one sided. She doesnt care about the realtionship or much about anything anymore. I know the right answer for me is to move on, but in the back on my head I cant stop thinking of ways to try to get back together. I mean after 7 years of doing this I dont think I know what "leaving" really means. Everytime I think we are done for good something always happens. Maybe it will be different this time since I had to move out of state for a year to finish school.

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I think her mentality is that its too much work to make it work, but she has a lot to learn about relationships...she seems to be going backwardss as far as learning- figure that one out.


I think if this is your assessment of the person you want to be with, maybe you don't need to be with her. You don't seem to think much of her at the moment and perhaps you need to let her go to grow.

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well, its my assessment of why it is not working out. and yes I do need to let her go, but in 7 years I have yet to do so. So even if I wanted to who knows what I might do when not thinking clearly. Its so bad I have told some of my friends that this time is done for real and they all give me the same "yea BS look".

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