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Did they make me gay?

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Funny, after 12 or 13, I'd have loved that. D


Still would have pretty much hated it.


haha, I remember when I was in middle school, this guy sitting next to me in one of my classes said 'may I ask you a question?" all respectable like. I told him he may and then he asked me what my vagina looked like. I then instructed not to talk to me for the rest of the year and switched seats with someone else. Seriously, I had probably said less than 10 words to this guy at this point.


I didn't become sexual until a late age. Never played 'you show me yours, I'll show you mine' as a kid or anything like that.

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Oh ramcoro, I have played these games with boys and girls starting at about 8 or 9. there were 4 of us girls who played 'special doctor' with each other all the time and we were all very curious about touching each other's privates. lol I think that the basis behind what happened with those girls is normal, in that most kids have an urge to experiment and explore. I wanted to look at Playboys and Playgirls. I wanted to see any naked body that I could. lol I was fascinated by how different they were. But I think too, that the girls got some enjoyment by making you feel embarassed and humiliated and by having the power to make you do these things against what you wanted. I think that this is wrong as they bullied you. But the sexual part is a natural part of growing up.

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