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what the hell is wrong with me


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ok so to those of you who read my previous post know i messed up and i apologized for what i did and she accepted. now i have whole new problem i dont know how to fix. when we start makin love i start out hard, but i then i always think. i think what if i cant stay hard. its frustrating cuz i came two times last night but when we start again, theres nothing that can get me hard. the more i think about it, the harder it is to stay hard. i feel so bad and pathetic because she is trying so hard and i want to do it, but when i think that i just cant do it no matter how hard i try. its the only prob i have. i asked around and people say just focus on you and what you want but i dont know how to do that now! if i can stop thinking about it, i wont have a problem. what can i do to stop this vicious cycle

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