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should i stay "friends" with this girl??


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So here is a little background on us. Both of us are 26 and female. We have known each other since high school. She is one year older than me. I hung out with a lot of friends from the class older than me in high school.


Yesterday after 8 years, there was a pot luck with her and all of our old friends(that she kept in touch with). I had not seen all the other girls in about 8 years cuz I went to college in a far away city in our state and they all stayed in town. Several girls had kids there too and I had a great time with everyone else but her!


Pretty much this is my oldest "friend" i have had. I put the friend part in quotes because I would share a lot of stuff in my life with her and she just always seemed flaky and fake. I never noticed it because I don't really try to read people. I'm reading up on feng shui and getting rid of things in my life to open up the door to new things. I'm also trying to listen to my gut feeling which is SCREAMING ---STAY AWAY! So called friends are one of these things that i'm trying to get rid of.


Ok so here is the problem. She had been dating her bf for 7 years and I never met him cuz they had a long distance relationship. When she came with to the party...she came over to say hi and didn't intorduce me to him. I felt this was really weird cuz it seemed like she was doing it on purpose. Then her BF was like smiling at me weird throughout the pot luck. She basically didn't ever initiate conversation with me and was basically a b*** all day. Even if she was fake, she was always nice.


Now she wants to hang out later in the week, but I feel really weird cuz clearly there is somethign going on cuz when her BF is there she acts weird. So basically considering all of this, her flaky behavior, her BF situation, her being fake with me should I even continue this semi-friendship with her or just cut her out of my life and work on making some new friends. Thanks.

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I think you should hang out with her later in the week and ASK her why she didn't introduce you to her bf. Maybe the bf was smiling at you weird because he knew about you and was waiting for you to go and introduce yourself? Clearly he knew about you.


I'll agree that it's both weird and hurtful that she didn't introduce you to her bf.... but... if she is your "oldest" friend, you should give her the benefit of doubt.


If she gives you some flakey response and you can't handle the flakeyness anymore, by all means, try to find new friends. I still think you owe her the benefit of doubt, though...

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