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journey to 140...stuck

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I was trying to lose about 10lbs- get down to 140. I was approx 152/3 this winter. Began this in early march. I am 5'10 female

So for the first couple weeks I did really well got down to about 147/148.

And now I am here....stuck here. But I FEEL trimmer, better etc.


In the beginning it was still a little cold so I was doing less activity, mostly diet. Now that the weather is gorgeous, I have amped up the exercise. I go road biking about 4x a week (8 miles ish) I am riding my horse almost daily (I bike out there most of the time) and this weekend I went mountain biking which was awesome. Now that I have that bike I want to hit the trails more.

Additionally last weekend I went on a LONG 9.5mile hike in a mountain (with a lot of UP).

Additionally I go to the gym about 2x a week. Sometimes I do 20min of weight lifting, but I mostly just do speed walk on the treadmill. I hate the gym, but this is bearable.


But I am no longer losing weight each week when I weigh, could it be that with the increased exercise I gained muscle?

I will put out there that I have definitely done some 'non' diet things- like get ice cream with friends, but I am willing to take it easy as long as I get to live my life and have fun a bit.


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That's the thing about losing weight. At first it's pretty easy (if you make a real effort that is), and becomes progressively more difficult as we get closer to our ideal weight.


It's possible you've gained a bit of muscle (which weighs more than fat), depending upon the amount of weight you're lifting.


If you're 5'10", and 145-ish, I'd say that's pretty close to ideal if you're athletic (which it sounds like you are), even if you have a small frame. I'd say worry less about the number itself, look at yourself in the mirror, and isolate an area you'd like to tone/improve. That will probably get you over the hump.

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Muscle weighs more. Have a look at the inches of some previous clothes and measure yourself instead of weighing yourself. (weighing though reliable in the long run can still be variable depending on many different factors). Also if you want want to lost more weight (but your sounding pretty trim now) you have to vary your exercise. You body has now adapted to the methods you have insofar done. Now you have two choices: up the amount or do an exercise that works a group of muscles that have been a little neglected. Have fun and good job

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