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Leave pattern of my collgue

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Hello all,


First, I apologize if I put my post in the wrong forum. There is nowhere else where I see it fit. I have an issue about my colleague and would appreciate your thoughts and advices.


Let me start with the background. I have a colleague whom I have worked with for a few years now. She is the most senior in our team and I had had nothing (mentally) against her whatsoever until recently when I started to notice that she has taken an advantage of me. Since then, together with her other behaviors, I started to deal with her professionally only. She is a veteran of our office and knows rules and regulations very well (she used to work in HR department). Recently my boss started to delegate some of her responsibilities to me. One of which was to supervisor staff in the team. Whenever this happens, there will be an announcement in the office.


Here how the problem comes. My colleague started to take leave (either sick or annual leave) whenever I covered for my boss. She would take off for a few days or sometimes the whole period when my boss was gone (and sometimes my boss is gone for weeks!). This was unplanned meaning my boss and I never got any advance notice about her absentee if it was annual leave. I also had never seen her leave requests and when I asked our HR if she had seen them, the HR said "oh, don't worry, I will take care of it." Note that the HR actually IS a very good friend of this woman. Honestly, I would not be upset at all if I don't have to cover for my boss or if this was just a one time incident. However, there seems to be a pattern like this for 5 times now. After the 4th time, I notified my boss about it and she said this was not right (but nothing happened after that). There was no problem with other staff at all, except for this one. Note that she doesn't have this kind of behavior when the boss is around. Now, other staff seem to notice her pattern too and start to talk about it. I have never confronted with this woman because I think I am just covering for my boss once in a while and never the whole time. Instead I notified my boss when she came back about this colleague's behavior.


I am talking about a woman who handles her job quite well. She, however, asks people to do her job quite a lot too -- she calls it "giving other people the opportunity" (to do her "complicated" job). She always sweet-talks to people. Many guys in the office like her becuase she sometimes talks explicitly about her business in bed and because of her provocative dressing style. When she wears tight skirt, it means really tight; people can actually see her boobs, underwear, and butt. Again, I have nothing to do with her mentioned behaviors, except for her leave behavior, and I only contact her in a professional manner. Still, I feel like she is taking an advantage of me when I am covering for my boss. What should I do? Please help!!!

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