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Well ive kept this quiet on this cus i wasnt sure myself of the situation, when i moved back to my ex's town and this guy who was living in the house i moved into was leaving soon to find somewhere else. I got to know him and even though i didnt feel like finding someone else attractive because i still feel im not completely and utterly over my ex. When he moved out i was sad cus we got on so well, he was fun to be around and made me relax so much. As he still gets mail to this address he texted me one day sayin that he will be over in the next week or two to collect it. our texts gradually started getting very flirty, i was shocked he felt that way about me as when he was still living here it didnt feel like he fancied me at all just enjoyed my company. Well tonight he came over and stayed for 4 hours! my other housemates were there too and they know about it as i told them. i felt very uneasy throughout the time i was sitting opposite him but it was fun. i just dont know why i feel so nervous and uncomfortable all of a sudden.


Anyway while we were sitting there he sent me a text sayin that i looked very cute and wish my housemates were not there with us, meaning he wanted us to be alone. This made me feel all the more uncomfortable and i could feel myself blushing so much. I didnt reply because i simply didnt know what to say. I really do fancy him but he is not the type i would go for even though i am physically attracted to him and he is totally not like my ex personality wise. So what is wrong with me???


He texted me back saying "sorry if i came on too strong, ill back off a bit now"

I replied "dont worry just felt a bit weird" when my housemates were there beside us knowing full well whats going on.


I want to see if i can go on a date with this guy yet im absolutely terrified!!

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