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Dealing with Anxiety

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I'm 28 yrs old and for the better part of my life, did not have parents. Both of my parents were physically, emotionally, and verbally abusive to my sister and I so I basically raised my sister when we were younger. I have never really had a mother or father figure in my life.


Now as an adult, I find myself always trying to take the easy path. Not the lazy path per se but the path with less hassles.


I have just recently moved to a new area since it's very close to work and I dont know the area nor many people. I currently live with my gf but due to my anxiety, which leads to a sort of fear to do anything or leave the house, its made the relationship rocky at best. I actually think my relationship will be ending soon because her folks at this point do not like me.


I truly believe that this is due to the anxiety because I am unable to meet many new people or even explore or go out of the house. Partially because I like the country and now I'm in the city but I know that its in my head.


I should be able to just get over this stuff, not give a crap, and just do it. For some odd reason though I always shy away so as it stands now, I dont have any hobbies or anything to do other then work.


Are there any exercises or alternative means of healing and dealing with anxiety aside from prescription drugs?

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So sorry to hear of your situation. I have huge sympathy for those who had abusive childhoods.


Could I suggest you have a look here. You'll find it very supportive.


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All the best


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I should think that any sort of exercise might help. Do you think you might be development Agoraphobia, not meaning to cause you worry and diagnose you! But maybe if you just made yourself go out and got some fresh air, went walking, or running, it might really help you

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