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Met a girl online, asked her out and she hasn't responded


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Here's some back story:


I met this girl online back in the summer/fall of '08. After a week of talking on the dating site we switch to myspace. We talked back and forth for the next 2 months. We tried to get together but our schedules never matched up. It also didn't help that she lived 3 hours away in my old home town. Like an idiot I broke off communication with her because I was pursuing another girl. Two months go by and she messages me, unfortunately I didn't receive her message until a month after she sent it to me because I wasn't using myspace anymore. She deleted me as a friend, and I thought nothing of it because I had started seeing another girl.


Fast forward a year and 4 months to the present:


I had to move back home due to financial reasons. I decided to get back into contact with her since we were now living in the same town.

I saw that she was still using the dating site and sent her a message saying it's been awhile, how have you been..etc. I brought up the fact that we both play the same online multiplayer game. We talk back and forth about the game and our personal lives. So we were getting along great and when I asked her if she was into drinking she responded that she got in trouble with her friends the last time she drank and that she wanted me to have a good impression of her before she revealed to me what she did. So I'm thinking to myself cool she cares about how I view her, that must me she likes me or at the very least is interested in being friends. I decided to ask her out, just something casual: food and pool, which is what she listed as what she wanted to do for a first date. It's been 2 days since she read my message and she hasn't wrote me back. She hasn't even been on the site since she read my letter. I really want to get to know this girl more and hang out with her even if she is only interested in friendship. We live in a somewhat small town of 30,000 people and most of them are rednecks. It's hard to find friends with similar interests, so it just makes this suck even more.


So did I blow it by not waiting another week to ask her out?

Should I message her and ask her if I went too fast with asking her out?

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2 days isn't a significant time to wait. Give it a week.


Who says you blew it?Until a reasonable time passes you cannot assume this.


Don't second guess yoursself you'll only be sabotaging yourself...the ball is in her court...do nothing but try and relax...you did nothing wrong.

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