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do u think its time to date?


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hi all!

i met a friend of mine today ...she is in a happy relationship from 5 months..she told me she wants to introduce me with her boyfriend's friend.She told me to go for a drink in group the four of us then its up to me and the guy if we will like each other or not.and continue to date each other or not....she told me many nice words about him..but i sow him on facebook (havent met him yet face to face)...well i dont find him attractive looking his pic...even if i know sometimes pictures dont show the person as he is...and i dont want to judge someone just from a picture....but i dont know if im ready to date now or not....


ive been going through a not so plesant perioud in my life...i feel a bit confused in general about my life besides im working to improve some 'bad' habits ...i dont know if its me being a bit pesimistic this perioud...its dating thing that can cause me stress, im too sensitive on things..or its just that i dont feel ready to met someone new...i mean i dont know....im thinking to go and met him....with this friend of mine and her boyfriend...but i dont feel emotionally good ..sorry im a bit confused that s why i dont know how to explain this better


what u think?

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go with you GUT...if it tells you "no", then don't go.


Your GUT will NEVER serve you wrong......


i know what u mean...but you know...i followed my gut when i was having feelings about a 'shy guy' at work and it never worked....so i dont know...sometimes we confuse the truth with our created feelings or thoughts

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hi all...well i went to that dating thing in group with that friend of mine , her bf and his friend....we had a nice time...they were nice guys but i could notice imediatly he was not the type of guy i like....i was in a worry to how to tell my friend but i told her what i thought and she said that was fine since she wants the best for me cause im her friend not him.... did good that i went cause it gave me a posibility to understand again in my mind what type of guy i truly like to have in my life

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