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it was starting to feel better for awhile since the break-up. it was six or so months ago now.


he's a liar and cheat. was before me and to me. i know i shouldn't give a crap about him either way.


his new gf is someone his friends can't stand. i try to find some consolation in that.


it seems she is living with him now. as did i before her. as did his gf before me. move um in, move um out.


she is someone he badmouthed me to right after our break-up. saying he broke it off with me, when i actually left him at first for his online cheating.


i want to forget him totally. not care. why won't this come to me? because i was good to him and he pissed on it? why do i care about a shallow man who is now with what it seems is a shallow chick?

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What is it that you are struggling to let go specifically? Do you feel easily replaced? Do you feel like you lost your chance at happiness? Do you feel like you were used? Think deeply about where your anger is coming from.


Then you need to look forward into what you would want from dating in the future. It's thinking about the future, while acknowledging the past, that might help you. How long were you two together?

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