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Would you take this job?


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The full-time overnight position is now available at my job. I can basically have it if I want it. Currently I do shift work there part-time because of school, but the semester is almost over and I was already preparing to get a 2nd job for more hours during the summer. In that sense it seems like the perfect opportunity with perfect timing.


The shifts are midnight to 8am, 5 days a week. There's a 4 hour period where I'd be able to sleep on the couch. Not a restful sleep at all, but at least it's sleep. Plus the night shift is technically easy. Easier than what I do there now.


The cons are that I have no idea what kind of toll this would take on me, mentally and physically, and it would drastically reduce the amount of time I get to spend with my boyfriend. Our schedules usually work out so that our main time to hang is in the late evening. If I take this new position, we'd only get a big block of time together once a week. And the nights I would have off are not the nights we usually spend together because of his schedule. Essentially... sleepovers 0 to 2 times a week


My questions are:


Would you take this job?

Are there other things that I need to consider here?

Do you think the 4 hours of sleep would make a big difference or will the night shifts wreck me regardless?

Once school starts back up in the fall, do you think I can do this job AND go to school full-time during the day? (If not, I shouldn't take this position because they'd expect me to take it permanently, not just during the summer months)

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If i was in your situation, i personally wouldn't take it.


You are only looking for extra hours for your summer break arn't you? i think it would be too much to do AND study full time. You would be mentally drained.

Ive heard that people who work night shifts, their social lives are non existant and puts a lot of strain on a relationsship. Its different if you need it to live/survive and its the only job you can get but that doesn't appear to be the case from what you wrote!

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Tough one. In general I probably wouldn't take it but I would right now because I'm in a weird situation, sleeping at 5am anyway, I'm single, I like odd things so a job like that would just add to the weirdness.


I've always worked evenings but not night shifts. Think of how it will affect you; you'll spend more time by yourself and in silence. You'll go to sleep when others go to work. Less time with the boyfriend. Strange social life. If you're only doing it for the money why not just get a waitressing job for the summer? I would only do such shifts if it was directly linked to my career providing me with useful experience.

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My social life is not that rich anyway. I dislike bars and partying. I see my friends in the daytime for yoga, movies, shopping and that kind of thing. My bf is my social life at night though. I'm thinking I shouldn't take the job.


It is actually directly linked to my career though. It's perfect for my field of study, but I already work there part time so either way the job goes on my resume.


True, I was looking for an extra job for summertime only, but I can't help but wonder if this is THE perfect opportunity to take on a full-time position and make great money even during the school year. I could make my class schedule light (this past year I was able to give myself mondays and fridays off from school), plus I wouldn't be pulling complete all nighters, since I can sleep a bit during the shift. I'm stuck, I really don't know.

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