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should i let our friendship fizzle out?

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Well i met up with my ex today to have the talk about our situation and that i was not feeling comfortable with it.


Basically i talked to him about possible obstacles like his girlfriend turning around and saying to him that he cant talk to me anymore ( this would be a result of them getting serious, which i thought would've happened by now as they have been together 6 months now!).


The reply i got from him was that i was reading too much into things as usual and that we are fine the way things are, that i should not think about what might happen and just live for the present. H e said he doesnt want to lose my friendship cus im important to him.


I dont know what to do....sometimes i wish i was in a different place and not lived in this god foresaken town!!


Any suggestions what i need to do and please be blunt... i think i need it.

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I've not read your previous posts by the way. I've been in this situation before. For me i just let it fizzle out. For you. . .i think you should do the same. It's over so let it be that way. Don't go NC or anything like that. I don't think it's needed . Just give short answers to txts, emails etc. . . and don't make any plans to meet up......ever!


Good luck.

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