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The best way to get your ex back?

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I'm sorry, but I find no reason to keep in contact with a ex's family members. Been there done that, eventually it doesn't last b/c just like the dude moves on, the family moves on as well. It sucks, but oh well. I think about the loss of my ex's friends that I gotten to know and what not. But hell, they were not my main reason of the relationship. I still say hi if I run accross my ex's friends once and awhile out of respect, but the contact part is just awkward. in my opinion.

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thankyou! and what about talking about it? i dont know why but i seem to be trying to solve a problem every day by talking about it and wondering about how to get him back. he got a new girlfriend a couple weeks after we broke up. rebound?



yes usually. if he still does the NIC with you, then you know he's still trying to keep in touch in case his new relationship doesn't work out. And it normally happens that way.


Mostly rebound can only last max 3 months. but of course there are some rebounds that last longer.


Don't try to beg or call or initiate any contact with him. No contact is a good way to move on. Don't let yourself wait for him.




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