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so I have been trying online dating since January. The first guy I went on a date with seemed really great. Problem was that I got attached too soon. We seemed to hit it off too well and he said he wanted to be my boyfriend very soon after starting to date, but after two months, he went cold on me. After that experience and also reading a bunch on ENA I figured out that I have a problem in my relationships where I always get too attached too soon. I am a very passionate person about everything in life and I think when I meet a guy I am actually interested in, then I just overwhelm them too much with my intensity.

Anyway, after that guy i went back online. I went on two dates last week. One guy i met offline and went on one date, but i'm not so sure he has is act together enough. Then date two last week was an online guy. He was very good looking, but something about him makes me suspicious, but he wants to hang out again this weekend, so I might give it a try and just see what happens.

Then tonight I just went on a date with a guy I met off match. Before tonight we emailed several times over the last two weeks and chatted online. I wasn't sure if I would like him all that much because his pics just didn't shout out at me, but i'm pleasantly surprised after our date.

I'm a little unsure of him due to the fact his FB page history said he got out a relationship only a month ago and from pics on his fb it seems like they had been together at least 6 months. I didn't ask him about that relationship, but if he ends up calling me, then i'm going to ask if he is over his ex before I see him again. I don't want to start liking him knowing that I could be a rebound.

anyway, at the same time I am still going to date other guys. I have been seriously working on my dating skills after my last spill. I figured if I date multiple guys then I'll be less likely to get too attached to any particular one.......not sure if it will work, but i'll try anyway.

In the mean time I have been emailing and chatting with two other guys. No dates set up yet with those. And when I got home today I had two emails from other guys that fit into my interest range.

so, for all those people out there that think online dating is a waste of money then I have to disagree. Even if I don't meet anyone that leads to a relationship I am having fun meeting different types of guys and figuring out what I like and what I want. I have had a really good time the past two weeks and I feel less stressed about dating then I ever have before...

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You've got to learn to separate yourself from the personal side of dating and take it for what it's worth. Just like buying a new car or a new home; it takes a little time to find something of value. It's hard not to take dating personal, because as people we get into our feelings. But you will find yourself having a lot more dates and worrying a lot less if you enjoy dating and date mutiple partners. Obviously, nothing exclusive, but go on several dates and put yourself out there a little bit. Eventually you'll find someone worth your time. Until then, you're going to have some really good dates and some really horrible ones too.

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