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ever have your feelings 180?

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so I've been dating this girl for a few months and up until now things had been great but recently I feel like I've done a 180 in how I feel.


I've never really noticed the "honey moon" phase in past relationships because Im usually pretty emotionally unavailable for awhile. but I jumped into this one feet first and thought it was a really good catch. now Im feeling like it was just an extra nice honey moon phase that's run its course.


I feel guilty. I misinterpreted my feelings and thought they were stronger and more genuine than they are. I did not use the dreaded "L" word but I was recently considering enlisting in the military and after that conversation I can see how she would think thats how I felt.


I hate to say it but I think my girlfriend is a rebound. I had just left the most serious and emotionally invested relationship of my life and was feeling pretty down. I didnt realize it at the time but I just jumped on board with the first pretty face who looked my way.


my girlfriend is a very nice person and I do care about her. Ive only felt this way for a few days so Im going to visit her this weekend and see if Im just being dumb. more and more I just think she isn't for me.


I've felt this way before a couple times with her but they always past. Im just not used this because I'm normally very committed to the girls I date. I think I just got into this too fast, I did not really know her at all at first.


anyone ever felt like this before?

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I think she already is too attached and clingy. another major reason why I'm having second thoughts. and another reason why I'm hesitating because it is entirely my fault that she likes me as much as she does. I've done a million things to charm her; like sing songs I wrote about her on guitar, send roses to her job, the works.


my female friends tell me I'm husband material. this causes the women I date to look at me as a potential mate and complicates things. part of me wants to just try dating casually, I'm always in a serious relationship and have never really done that.

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