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Have a chance of getting back together....


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Hey everyone. My ex just broke up with her boyfriend that she's been with for about 2 years. He treated her like crap and she finally ended things. She and I dated for 3 years. We broke up after I graduated high school because we spent basically everyday together and were always arguing about things.


During the 4 years we've been apart, we've both tried to get back with each other, but one of us has always had a boyfriend or girlfriend at the time. She emailed me yesterday telling me she broke up with him and that she was moving back close to where I live. She and he were renting an apartment together and she said it's hard now because she has to stay there to finish this semester of college, then she's coming here.


I told her if she needed to get out for the weekend, she could come down and hang out this weekend. So, I of course would love to get back together with her as we've both missed each other at times. How should I go about this, and not screw it up? Thanks!

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