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How dirty/nasty/pervy is your mind?


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I'm sitting in my office, typing along, working and I hear:


guy1: hold still and I'll push it in slowly

guy2: ugh...it's slippery

guy1: hang on, I have to push hard

guy2: **grunting**

guy1: almost there



... ok..now...what would you be thinking?


I find it very curious what different people hear. When I heard that convo, after laughing like a loon at the guys (they were repairing a transmission), it turned me on. And it got me thinking...most people dont hear the sexual innuendo in normal conversation, but I hear it in EVERYTHING. lol So, what does that mean? I often wonder how much I miss because my head is burried in the gutter.


Thoughts? Anyone the same? Anyone have any funny stories? Anyone care? lol


Well, yeah, I think of gay anal sex. But I'm sure it's just two guys moving something heavy with little grip.

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When I was a kid, there was a police officer in my home town with the last name Diick. I still to this day cannot figure out why in the world his fiance took his name when they married. Her first name was Anita.


Oh yeah, I remember her. Anita's first boyfriend's name was Mike Hunt.


We are on a roll today, aren't we...

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