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I dont understand what my ex is doing, here is her recent activity and you tell me what you think


April 3rd - Wishes me Happy Birthday


April 4th - Spends the Whole day on easter with the new boyfriend and her whole family approves of him.


April 5th - Facebook Statement that she is joining the military


April 6th - She Breaks NC with me that lasted 1 month since the breakup and texts me this ...

"ok people have been telling me to wait to talk to you but sorry i cant. i dont expect a response and ill be surprised if you even read this. im not trying to get you back im not right now i know thats out of the question i hurt you so many times and im really sorry i really am. i should have talked to you i know that you were my boyfriend and that you were there but i dunno rough few months i guess. my ass is in therapy now yay hopefully rhat will help im hoping. but i just wanted to say im really sorry.. i have seen your happy and im glad but honestly im going crazy i lost my best friend annd it sucks i dont talk to you but im hopinng we will be in a spot where we can talk again. im sorry (myname) i really am and honestly im hoping the next lady in your life treats you good the way you deserve - I have not contacted her before or after this text.


April 7th - Tells a mutual friend she was "raging" and delete me and like 6 of mutual friends that she meet through me off facebook.


April 8th - Found out from her sister that she is depressed cause she lost all her friends and feels alone.

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What does her deleting her friends have to do with you and her? or you?


I think you are reading too much into nothing.


I agree with insane heart - she didnt get a reaction and is acting out....but that doesnt mean she wants to get back together. She as the dumper probably was trying to show that she felt bad about things...and when you didnt respond, it sent her into a frenzy.

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Dont feel low about it


Her passive aggressive behaviour implies that she has been thinking of contacting you for sometime about apologizing. It goes to show you are on her mind and in her thoughts.


Her acting out is because you didnt reply.


But if you somehow start to feel sorry for her and think about contacting her because she has been thinking about you, dont. Re-read her message. She doesnt want to get back together with you.....contact at this point is unnecessary.


Good luck

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She has her own set of problems, but it does seem like she wants to get back together...I'd guess there was a very good reason you broke up, probably something to do with the aforementioned "games" and passive-aggressive behavior. Leave it at that, I'd hate to see you or anyone caught up in that type of stuff =/

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She's going through therapy so she's probably gonna be up and down with her moods for awhile. Leave her alone to work that stuff out. Maybe she will contact you after she's made some progress. She does not sound like she should be with anyone right now.


Thats exactly how I feel, she needs sometime to discover herself but she of course ran to another guy with days of the breakup!

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Sounds like she is having a hard time dealing with her emotions. Some people close themselves completely off, and shut out everyone. And the fact that you didn't answer her message is probably what set her off. She will be ok and she will get over it.

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