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Feeling weird, not sure if it's good or bad


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If anyone knows about my other posts, you'll know I was diagnosed with OCD and Bipolar and put on some antidepressants. Well, I had some side effects, and stopped the medication at a really low dose. A few days later, I'm feeling really different. All the depressive, doubting, worried thoughts are gone. I'm incapable of thinking of thinking about any of it now. I want to say I feel more relaxed, or carefree, but I'm not sure if this is a good thing. I don't know if I'm manic?

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Be careful because this feeling may just be temporary as your brain is adjusting to the "freedom". Imagine being on sturdy land for ages, then stepping on a boat. It's fine when it's stationary, but when that boat gets moving you're gonna be all over the place, stumbling etc. Who knows what lows your brain could reach once it's "back at sea" as it were.


As Ivory rightly says, don't ever jump of such medication so harshly without a Doctor's consent. It could have very negative effects. However I wouldn't recommend necessarily going straight back on them. Consult your Doc first and admit to him that you went off the drugs and see what he can do for you. Be HONEST to him. He's a Doctor for a reason! Good luck.

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