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Met this girl from a dating site.......


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So we have not actually met quite yet but had some really great and long conversations. We have been chatting for a little over a week. She then tells me a couple days back that she needs some time to process. I'm like ok and give her space. She shot me a couple texts between and I checked in today to see how her dog. Then asked if everything was okay. She says she is not sure to be honest. So now I am totally lost and wondering if it was something I said but I could not pinpoint anything. Any thoughts?



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If it's her first time online dating, she might just be unsure about the process. I know when I first started, I was very slow to meet people and progress things.


Another factor might be that she is not sure if she wants a relationship right now. Some people join online dating sites to see what's out there, then they meet someone and connect via email and then freak out because they never intended on starting anything more serious yet.


She knows you want to meet up and continue contact, so just leave it now and see if she comes back to you. Meanwhile keep looking!



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