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A girl I can't stop thinking about.


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Hey folks, I have a silly story I'd like to share and hopefully get some feedback on =) I've known this girl for 6 years - she liked me when we first met but we were way too young for anything to happen. I knew she did back then but I didn't reciprocate any of the feelings.


Recently, we went clubbing and met each other through a mutual friend. She showed a lot of signs of interest such as taking my hands out of my pocket to dance on several occasions (not to any other guys), smiling and maintaining eye contacting. Quite simply put, she was flirting. I'm in my early 20's and I have to say I'm still very shy =( I smiled and looked into her eyes but I think I came accross as bored more than anything (according to her friends). After the clubbing, she became quite moody and quiet. I had no idea what was going on so I just acted neutral.


It's nearly been 2 weeks and we have exchanged a few texts here and there - I texted her yesterday afternoon about something, to which I got a quick reply. My subsequent text on whether she would like lunch sometime next week got no reply though. She can't have been THAT busy that she couldn't even reply to a second text if she managed fine with the first one...


I consulted one of her girlfriends and was told that this girl takes a long time to reply to texts/calls so I should just wait... or give her a call.


The thing is, she has never taken this long to reply to my texts - the longest time she has taken previously was something like 2 hours because she was at work. Why all of a sudden has she ignored my invitation? Is she playing hard to get or is she just plain disinterested? I have to admit I'm confused. Now, I want to call her but that would seem slightly needy and unattractive.


Unless her acting skills are awesome, I genuinely felt something between us when we were at the club. Although I'm shy, I'm quite good at being... mysterious (something which girls apparently dig) and so, so far I don't think I've done anything wrong e.g. coming accross as a wuss or being too needy. If she doesn't reply to my text then I don't think I should try again... what do you think? It would be a shame =(

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If she doesn't reply to my text then I don't think I should try again... what do you think? It would be a shame =(

Wait a bit and give it one more go. It sounds like your perceived lack of interest might have put her off, so you need to do a little more to show you're interested before she moves on completely. If you still don't get a response . . . well . . . you're done I think.

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Would it not seem needy though?? I'm in a catch 22 situation... argh. It seemed out of the question she was obviously interested during the clubbing =(

It won't seem needy if you give it a little time then just call her, make a little small talk, then say "Hey, I was just curious if you gave that lunch offer for (insert day here) any consideration?" Texting her constantly would seem needy, whereas this is just making the extra effort, which is what you need to do if you want any shot.

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Okay that make sense =) do you know how long I should wait? 3 days should be adequate right? I just don't understand why she was so flirty in real life and now this...!

Yeah, a couple/three days is fine. Just make sure to *call* not text . . . step it up a little. That's the only way you'll get a definite answer one way or the other.


I don't know either, I can only go by what you wrote. From that, I can only infer that you came off as lukewarm and perhaps made her a little insecure about her advances. Maybe make an excuse and say you were a little under the weather or something if it comes up. Be firm and let her know you're interested in hanging out with her.

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What happens in club stays in club..lol a lot of ppl are different cuz of the club mood,or alcohol if she drinks.

Having said that..I think u may a lil over react here.I once txted a guy to invite him out and he didnt reply.I got worried too and I called him..couldnt get through.And he txted me back 5 hours later or something,at 3 in the morning!I dunno why,maybe he just wasnt in a txting mood or his mobile was dead.As for u,I suggest u wait for a bit and try again.Dont think too much into the case.

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Yeah =( You could be spot on - maybe it was alcoholic influence that caused her to flirt ~ she didn't exactly flirt with any other people though but I guess that doesn't mean anything.


The situation was: I called her but she couldn't pick up coz of a meeting. I left a text message on the subject of a previous topic and she replied within 20 minutes. My text reply was 10 minutes later asking her for lunch but it's been 3 days and she hasn't texted back - I think it's safe to assume she's not interested in the slightest.


I just don't understand why I didn't even get a reply. Even friends can have lunch together - it's not like I asked her for a candle lit dinner or anything. Yeah, we've known each other for 6 years but in reality we've only seen each other about 5 times.

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