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Post something(s) about why YOU are so awesome!


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I've been really down in the dumps lately, especially today. And I'm sure there are a lot of you out there as well trying to make sense of everything, move on, keep up the positivity, etc. Inspired by uncomfynumb's post I thought it'd be cool to start a thread for us to share why we love who we are even if at the moment we feel incomplete, sad, broken, pathetic, etc.


Don't let the break-up or the ex bring you down or bury the things about you that make you you! Why are you such a catch?! Be it a physical or personality trait, talent, etc...have at it! Who cares if we sound shallow or superficial?


- I've got brains but also definitely know how to be a fun-loving gal

- I consider myself "one of the guys" so I'm not a stuck-up, high fashionista type of gal, and it's something I take pride in

- I'm very open minded

- I like my cheekbones/jawline (haha!)

- I more so fall into the "cute" def. rather than "sexy" but I'll have it that way instead


Please contribute! I started giggling as I wrote some. I don't know if this should have gone under the Healing forum.

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I've been feeling down too! I hope this will help.


I am a catch because:


-I have this awesome curvy figure

-I'm smart and (best of all) I love school

-I'm independent and don't need company, I get along great by myself

-I'm a good girlfriend to my boyfriend

-Good music taste!


Uhm that's it for now.

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Well your woman must be blessed with a great body. That's a great attribute on her part...but what about you?


I would say that her face is probably prettier than her body is.


Why am I awesome...um...because I own a cat named Buttons that makes noises that sound like "Bsquak!"

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I'm awesome because:


1. I'm a size 2 and still have nice "girls".

2. I'm extremely intelligent.

3. I play cello in lingerie.

4. I'm a published writer.

5. I make good money working in a great law firm for the boss of my dreams.

6. I'm beautiful (for an old woman).

7. I'm Buddhist.

8. My love is unconditional.

9. I volunteer in my community.

10. I'm faithful, loyal, warm, compassionate, sexy, witty, hardworking, dedicated, modest....I could go on and on.

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1. I can make people laugh

2. I am warm and loving and caring

3. I see good in people before I see any bad stuff

4. I think of other people's feelings

5. I have great taste in music

6. I am pretty and have a nice figure

7. I have lots of friends and I love my family

8. I don't give to receive, but when I am always giving and not receiving anything, I will walk away....

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im tall


i have a not-too-bad-figure. working on it.


im OK looking, not ugly not handsome, but still thankful for it.


i can sing very well


i can play the piano well


i have musical gift


i am pretty good in running and swimming


i am academically strong and have good grades and in a good university now


i have good people's skills and can connect with people well, even strangers [thats what they all say!]


i can speak fluently and am outspoken


i am knowledgeable about the world and current affairs


i am intelligent


i am humorous


i can write well


i can teach


i am materially well off


ok now im beginning to sound like an egolomaniac!

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